As people who want to live in a better environment in which to ride our bikes, we at Adventure have been involved in the following initiatives:

  • By bicycle in the Sofia Underground

We participated in the working group organized by “Veloevolution” and Sofia Municipality to allow the transport of bicycles in the Sofia Metropolitan. Thanks to the work of this group, the carriage of bicycles on non-working days are now permitted.

  • Uniform standard for classification and marking of mountain biking trails in Bulgaria

“Uniform Standard for Classification and Marking of Mountain Bike trails in Bulgaria” is an initiative undertaken by MTB-BG aiming to establish a single standard by which all stakeholders involved in the construction and marking of mountain bike routes in the country, to work. You can see more about the initiative here.

  • No to the ban on mountain bikes in the forest

In March 2011, we participated in the working group formed between several of the major Bulgarian cycling clubs, MTB-BG and the Ministry of Food, Forests and Agriculture, which resolved the issue of banning mountain bikes in forests. This effectively meant banning the sport of “mountain biking” in the country. The joint work led to changes that were laid down in the transitional-final provisions of the current Law on Forests of the Republic of Bulgaria.